We provide the following services to our clients:

  1. Consulting
  2. Training
  3. Resource experienced consultants to lead your initiatives

Customer Experience (CX) Program and Customer Engagement

We provide

  • CX strategy and Road-mapping advisory services to leadership teams.
  • Dashboard and CX metrics design and implementation services.

We provide services to design and implement Gamification-mechanisms that

  • Enhance the digital experience associated with sales (for B2C), customer-service, digital products, and platforms.
  • Increase user-adoption and user-conversion from free-trials (for B2C).

For CX-feedback implementation, we help clients select vendors who provide CX survey, focus-group facilitation, and benchmarking products and services.


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Employee Engagement and Change management

We provide

  • Employee Engagement strategy and Road-mapping advisory services to leadership teams.
  • Dashboard and Employee Engagement metrics design and implementation services.

We provide services to design and implement Gamification-mechanisms that help employees adopt change faster.

For Employee-feedback implementation, we help clients select vendors who provide Employee Engagement surveys and benchmarking products and services.


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End-to-End Application Development (SaaS, Digital, Games Dashboards, DaaS, PaaS)

We provide UX design, business process discovery, user-behavior analysis, project management, scrum-master and usability testing, oversight, and change management services directly to our clients.

We conduct UX and Design-thinking Workshops.

We partner with application-development companies to provide full-service application development.


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IT Excellence

We provide a wide range of consulting services, including coaching executives and senior leaders, project management, and running workshops for the implementation of:

  • IT Governance
  • Operational maturity of IT organization: People and Business processes
  • Agile culture, Pair programming, extreme programming, hackathons and work-swarms
  • Innovation Management via Product Lifecycle management (PLM systems) and Product Maturity methodology
  • User-experience (UX) via design, user-management, User-Interface optimization and usability testing
  • Capability Maturity (CMMI), ITIL, SOX and other SEC regulatory compliance
  • Business Analytics (BI) and Data-Driven Decisioning: Data Governance, Master Data clean-ups, and Deployment of Enterprise-wide data warehouse, Big Data
  • Network Infrastructure and Legacy system integration models (unused capacity)
  • Digital and Mobility strategy
  • Change management associated with deployment of enterprise-wide application: SAP and other ERP, HCM, CRM, SCRM, marketing automation, electronic documentation, BI tools, Work management tools, Accounting, PLM
  • Shared services and Activity-based cost allocation models
  • M&A-driven Acquisition and Divestment of technology-assets
  • POS and e-commerce Webstores and Omni-channel integration (ecommerce)
  • Outsourcing assessments for BPO and partners


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Lean Six Sigma (LSS)

In the last decade, many companies engaged in mergers and acquisitions in order to grow their businesses. Many of these companies were left to align their newly merged or acquired businesses into one seamless organization and make the integration invisible to customers and suppliers at the two ends of the SIPOC map.

Some organizations had mediocre-to-good results and some had very poor integration. The latter are now operating with enormous amounts of re-work, poor streamlining, and dissatisfied suppliers and customers. These companies are struggling to retain the strengths of their core businesses.

We provide full-service support for Lean Six Sigma deployment, including such consulting services as:

  • Assessing readiness of the client to launch an initiative
  • Developing infrastructure that includes Financial assessment, Project Pipeline, Process Management, Resourcing, Rewards and Recognition, Organizational Change Management, Training Program, Project Management, Project tracking, Maturity mapping, Control Plan accountability
  • Coaching Project leads, Champions, process-owners to achieve successful project completion

We provide training and certification for clients’ high-potential employees to become:

  • Yellow Belts
  • Green Belts
  • Black Belts
  • Master Black Belts
  • Champions
  • Lean Masters
  • Process owners

This training is delivered via a blended format with our partners’ online training and our just-in-time training, workshops, proprietary games and simulations such as as Where’s My Space? ™.


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Operational Excellence

We provide consulting and training services that include the following deliverables:

  • Operational Excellence Road-map
  • Governance
  • Operational maturity assessment: People and Business processes and Technology of all Valuestreams
  • Evaluation of Regulatory Compliance data
  • Evaluation of Continuous Improvement and Change Management programs
  • Scale-up Capacity-assessment
  • Digital and Mobility strategy
  • Activity-based cost allocation models
  • Outsourcing assessments 
  • Lean Six Sigma deployment

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Pre- Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) Readiness

We provide consulting services to measure current-state Valuestreams and find opportunities to improve operating-margins. We provide implementation support, and help leaders actualize identified/prioritized opportunities.

The deliverables that we provide include:

  • Activity-based operational cost models segmented by lines-of business, products and business processes
  • Identified opportunities for change
  • Prioritized opportunities with well-defined business cases
  • Project resourcing
  • Benchmarking (if needed)

We provide project management support to implement the prioritized opportunities.


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Post Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) Alignment

We provide consulting services that include the following deliverables:

  • Post M&A Alignment Roadmap
  • Current-state assessment for each core and support functional area in scope
  • Identified opportunities and best-in-class performers in Skills (People) Leveraging, Volume (Contracts) Leveraging, Process (Improvement) Leveraging, and Technology Leveraging
  • Governance to achieve the above leveraging
  • Evaluation of Continuous Improvement and Organizational Change Management programs
  • Project support and Initiative management


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Product Management

We provide consulting and training services that include the following deliverables.

  • Product Road-map
  • Product Life-cycle Governance
  • Evaluation of CX associated with each product
  • Evaluation of Continuous Improvement and Change management program that impact new releases
  • Market-benchmarking on features and capabilities
  • Align Products with Lines of Business
  • Align release and product-lifecycle – make recommendations
  • Provide contract product managers


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Services for each of the above categories

The following are the type of activities our consultants undertake to deliver on-time results.

  • Strategy Development
  • Research and Benchmarking
  • Proprietary Assessments
  • Maturity Assessment and Road-mapping
  • Survey Development and Analysis
  • Current-State Valuestream – Process, People and Technology Assessment
  • Data Collection and Statistical Data Analysis Services
  • Metrics and Dashboards
  • Design new processes
  • Design Solutions and Apps
  • Change Management
  • Continuous Improvement PDCA Cycle
  • Project Management
  • Work and Value-added analysis
  • Organizational assessment and Reorganization
  • Process Risk Assessment
  • Technology Risk assessment
  • Quality Management
  • Operational risk and Supply chain risk assessment
    • FMEA
    • Enterprise-risk
    • Weibull Analysis
  • Learning Effectiveness
    • New hire training delivery
    • Refresher training
    • Manager and leadership training
    • Customer training
  • Learning Content Development
    • Workshops
    • Videos
    • Serious Games and Simulations
    • Classroom
    • Blended
    • Certification
    • Project-Based
    • Hackathons
  • Training Delivery
  • UX Design and Usability
  • Gamification Design
  • Process Re-engineering and Process management


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