How can we help you?

    Invite us  to present webinars on the following topics at your lunch-and-learn events:

    • Agile-thinking: “How to Change Waterfall Culture to Agile Culture”
    • Gamification and behavior science: “Examples of Gamification to Increase Employee Engagement”
    • Lean Six Sigma: “30+ Years of Lessons Learned from Lean Six Sigma Deployments”
    • Operational Excellence: Operational Maturity Models”
    • Pre-M&A Readiness: Value-Stream Assessments and Activity-Based Costs to Measure Opportunities”
    • Post-M&A Alignment: “A Case Study About Creating Leveraged Services”
    • User Experience (UX) and usability: “Why UX?”
    • If these topics are not the biscotti that go with your cup of coffee,  let us discuss other topics!

    Ask us to provide you with white papers, case studies, sample assessment tools, training curricula and certifications, and/or workshop agendas of  our consulting and training services.

    If you prefer to begin with a quick introduction, stop by at LinkedIn and say hello    to our managing principal Rini Das.